Preservation of rights

The importance of the preservation of your rights is an additional proposal that LLACAR IP offers, which allows us to establish a close relationship with the client and with their activities in order to properly advise on the following areas:

• Use license agreements
• Assignment of rights
• Changes in legal regime
• Renovations
• Declarations of use
• Any figure that assures you that you will not lose your intangible assets.

Inventions / Patents

At LLACAR IP we help you find the correct and adequate protection for your inventions, with the intention that this means a competitive advantage in the commercial environment.

Trademark Registration

Comprehensive and effective protection of distinctive signs, appropriate to the activity of our clients, our added value is the experience we have to prevent your distinctive signs from being affected in the future.

Litigation Services

Our experience in litigation will allow you to have the peace of mind that your intangible assets are properly protected, because our vision of litigation, beyond containment, is based on the prevention and eradication of any loophole or defect that may violate your rights.

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